Report an In-Store Purchase Issue

Use this online form to report a problem you had when trying to use your Visa card.


Provide the following information if you have experienced one of the problems listed below at a store, restaurant, hotel or other merchant location displaying the Visa logo. Please note that if the business does not display a Visa logo, it might not accept any Visa cards.

Please fill in as many fields as possible. The information you enter will not be used for any purposes other than problem investigation.

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Which of the following types of violations occurred?

The merchant displayed an improper Visa acceptance mark did not display Visa signage or displayed Visa signage but refused to accept your Visa card.

I was required by the Merchant to provide additional proof of identification to complete the Transaction.

The Merchant is designated a Merchant Category Code which does not represent the Merchant’s principal trade, profession, or line of business. Please provide a detailed explanation below.

Merchant Data Standards Manual PDF

This category is to be used for any Authorization-related complaints relating to declined transactions. Please provide a detailed explanation in the comments section.

The Merchant location or website used old Visa signage or no Visa signage was used at all.

The Merchant continues to charge a recurring Transaction despite previous Chargebacks and/or the Merchant being told to stop.

To report any other merchant violations, please contact the bank or other financial institution that issued your card by calling the number provided on the back of your card.

Unfortunately, Visa will be unable to respond to individuals seeking an update on a reported issue.